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UEM Acid Pumps

UEM can build acid pumps specifically for the pumping of inhibited acids. They are in the same format as the single frac pump but have an addition on the side of the unit – a 2 barrel capacity Acid Mix Tub with hydraulically driven, stainless steel, paddle/mixer, 4’‘ suction and 3’‘ return lines. Installed above the Acid Mix Tub on the unit is an Acrison (or equivalent) horizontal dry additive feeder with removable inlet hopper. This Dry Additive Feeder includes a variable speed hydraulically driven Screw Type Auger with speed reducer, a motor speed sensor for connection to the Unit Control system and locally mounted hydraulic control. The Acrison Feeder will feed dry additive mixture directly into the Acid mix Tub. This Dry Additive Feeder will add Dry Additive at the following rates:

  • 0.15 to 1.97 ft³/min (0.004 m³/min to 0.055 m³/min)

Liquid Additive Systems

Installed on the unit will be two Liquid Additive Systems each with a variable speed, hydraulically driven, stainless steel Waukesha Universal I, PS1DO variant positive displacement type pump with a motor speed/flow sensor for connection to the Unit Control system. Each of these pumps can be controlled manually from the Unit Control System. Each pump will have valve suction connections on either side of the unit. In addition each pump will have a valve suction connection to a Liquid Additive tank. Each pump will have valve discharge connections to either compartment of the Displacement Tank. The two different sized pumps that are to be installed will have the following performance characteristics:

  • Pump # 1: 0.6 to 6 GPM (2.3 to 23) LPM, Model 006U1
  • Pump # 2: 0.9 to 9 GPM (3.4 to 34) LPM, Model 015U1

As with many of our UE Manufacturing pumps, this pump is equipped with an air controlled operator cabin installed in front of the displacements tanks. An operator will have an elevated view of the unit and the well location. The unit will be fully equipped with MD/Totco meters and controls to verify flow and pressures. Optional features include a DAQ-Data Acquisitions System and/or Cold Weather Package. Additional information can be provided upon request.

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