Nitrogen Pump Non-Fired | UE Manufacturing

Non-Fired Nitrogren Unit

The UEM skid mounted, liquid nitrogen pumping unit comes equipped with a non-fired vaporizer system. The skid incorporates a crash cage, liquid nitrogen triplex pump, centrifugal boost pump and liquid nitrogen non-fired vaporizer. Dependent upon customer specific needs the diesel engine is determined by amount of horsepower desired. The diesel engine is used to drive the hydraulic system and in turn, the unit utilizes the waste heat from engine the coolant system and hydraulic oil circuits to vaporize liquid nitrogen – a non-fired vaporization system. These can be designed for flow rates of up to 360K SCFH at max pressures of 15,000 lbs.

  • Engine/Trans/Pump Manufacturer Selectable
  • Carbon or Stainless Base And Cage
  • Zone II Option
  • Insulated Suction Piping
  • 150 Gallon Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Certified Lift Test and Certification Available
  • Open/Closed Loop Hydraulic System
  • Local Controls
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